R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

The UK Government launched the Research & Development Tax Credit scheme to encourage businesses to invest in new and innovative systems, products, and services.

Suppose a company spends money on improving their products or services. In that case, they are eligible to claim tax relief on those investment costs.

Those tax credits allow the company to grow and invest more in R&D, which enables them to claim even more tax relief.

In that respect, it can become a perpetual cycle of investment and growth.

Many business owners don’t understand what they can claim for and how to apply. They are put off claiming by the unnecessarily complicated small print and regulations.

Even written-off costs from two years ago are allowable. Additionally, many tech industries, such as film and video games, benefit from the enhanced allowance.

We can help you claim the maximum tax relief possible. Recently, we’ve worked with business such as:

  • A clothing business exploring the possibility of creating a style of suit specific to the catering industry with the potential of opening up a new market to it.
  • A furniture manufacturer developing a range specifically for dentist waiting areas.
  • A recruitment business making changes to its CRM system to speed up its business process.

Whatever industry you operate in, we can help.

Call us now and let’s see what you’re entitled to.

Multi-Industry Success

The team at Funding Nav have worked with hundreds of customers, securing millions in relief for them. Every case is different, but the following are a few past customer examples:


Areas of R&D

Private Hire

Areas of R&D

Food Processing

Areas of R&D

IT / Telecom

Areas of R&D


Areas of R&D