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Our expanding client list hosts a variety of sectors and innovations. Most of these opportunities are registered for EIS/SEIS. For confidentiality purposes, all client names are redacted. Should you wish to view these deals, please contact us and state in the requirements section that you would like to be added to the platform. You will receive an email from a Funding Nav representative with a unique link within 24 hours. 

Client A

 A marine group looking to consolidate the UK pleasure boat industry. The team together with other industry leaders will provide a sound company to invest and develop a new British Leisure Marine Group.

Client B

A British-based company, with Patents granted in Europe, Hong Kong & Japan, addressing worldwide unmet medical needs.  Through the use of their “green” biological control technology, they will target one of the key causes of Asthma.

Client C

As an early adopter in an emerging consumer behaviour trend, this brand aims to be the digital go-to brand for fact-first eco-luxury substantiated by a developed Intellectual Property based digital tracing platform. The software addresses every step in the workflow and value chain of an eco-luxury business operation.

Client D

A company set to revolutionise the way in which some of the world’s most prevalent chronic diseases are detected and managed. Their devices work by safely shining a low power beam of light into the eye, collecting and analysing the return signal. They are unlike anything else currently on the market.

Client E

An intuitive and cost effective SaaS platform transforms the way companies manage their board processes. It will save companies time and money, and improves governance

Client F

A company turning traditional careers advice into a path of empowering self-discovery with a fully interactive and infographic guide to jobs and careers.

Client G

A Disruptive, End To End Education & Wellbeing Platform For All Schools, Colleges And Universities.  The Platform Delivers Specialist Integrated Education Technology Solutions In A Way Traditional Providers Cannot Match.

Client H

A UK fintech company providing leading edge payment-linked rewards and mobile marketing platforms. A unique offering for the small business that offers a frictionless customer experience for both merchants and customers.

Client I

A Virtual Touring Museum combining digital creative genius
and cutting edge technology, breathing life into art to create
a unique, visual & sensorial experience.

Client J

A high-tech design and engineering business. Past winner of Queen’s Award for Innovation. Their latest processors offer high precision processing within a compact footprint and were originally conceived to maximise efficiency in capital expenditure, operation and energy. The technology is supported by a rolling programme of patents and a strong IP culture.

Client K

A specialist pharmaceutical company, developing therapeutics that address unmet needs and rare diseases, currently focusing on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Working with key opinion leaders on our international Medical Advisory Board, they are currently
developing differentiated, first-in-class treatments that leverage alicaforsen.

Client L

This company produce halal processed meat, poultry, fish & vegan. They cook, smoke and cool-down in one process run for immediate packaging. These stages are strictly controlled without trolley switching.

Please contact us on 020 3633 9676 to arrange a meeting or alternatively fill in our contact form and please state in the requirements section that you would like to be added to the platform.

Stephen Sacks

I founded Funding Nav to be the advisor that I wished I would have had access to when I was running trading companies for 30 years.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions and of course my wife, four daughters and Barry the Pug.

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Alan Turner

I have spent the bulk of my career in the technology sector working initially for a couple of large IT systems manufacturers and latterly focussing on software and services. Having exited a software consultancy business in 1999 that I co-founded, I have indulged myself in the horse racing and breeding industry and continued to look for innovative tech businesses to work with and, on occasions, invest in as an angel. These days, as a Funding Nav Partner, I am mainly focussed on helping early stage and growth businesses improve their respective cash positions. When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling and walking.

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Jyoti Chandarana

I am an IT graduate with 30 years of business consulting experience in analysing, designing and implementing customer focussed solutions. My passion is helping businesses to achieve their potential.

Away from work I enjoy boxercise, running, tennis, yoga, painting and watching box sets.

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Mike Howard

I am lucky to possess a mixed and varied career encompassing Entrepreneurial Recruitment & Telecoms, Snr. Corporate Telecoms, Business Broking, SME’s and Mergers & Acquisitions. In the UK, North America and Australia.

It is this variety of experience that enables me to relate to most Business Owners situations, whatever size, and indeed I pride myself in identifying the ‘need’ that entrepreneurs look for in realising their ambitions.

Outside of work I enjoy travel, current affairs, and Chelsea F.C. And a glass of red.

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Shaffin Jaffer

I have over 35 years experience in owning and running businesses. By training I’m an engineer and by vocation an entrepreneur.

I enjoy playing tennis, squash and bridge.

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Oliver Codrington

Oliver Codrington is a non-practising Barrister, and also a Level 4 qualified Financial Advisor (Securities and Investments). An entrepreneur at heart Oliver has been advising founders and owners for two decades and owns and operates several ventures of his own. Passionate about small businesses and the important role they play in global economies, often overlooked and taken for granted by successive governments, Oliver will do all that he can to maximise growth opportunities and margin improvement, ultimately to ensure that a profitable exit is achievable.

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Edmund Hatsu

I am a seasoned Business Development Consultant, Company Systems and Finance Expert with over Fifteen (15) years of experience in management positions including owning and running businesses.

With extensive experience in the financial sector, I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and supporting their growth and sustainability by finding solutions to their company systems and funding challenges.

I am genuinely fervent in helping Start-ups and existing businesses especially in Africa to explore the HUGE opportunity Africa presents because Africa is the last BIG opportunity to see stellar growth as the continent modernises, leverages technology and industrialises.

I specialise in financing strategies for corporate and commercial enterprises in Africa and my role is to connect these enterprises to funders, investors, and acquirers. I am a Nature Tourist, and I also love to spend quality time with my adorable family when I am not working.

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Zandy Von Weichardt

As the Senior Manager of Operations at Funding Nav, I work closely with the CEO to optimise daily operations. My responsibilities include: strategic planning, operational efficiency, team management, financial analysis, risk management, client and partner relations, and decision making. I play a vital role in driving the company's growth and success.

I am an internationally certified Personal Trainer & Online coach through HFPA Academy and bodybuilding is my passion.

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Amber Geldenhuys

My role in the company is research and marketing with my top priority connecting with people. Having prior experience in hospitality and teaching English abroad I am definitely people oriented.

I enjoy going to the gym, I am currently studying personal training and I like to paint in my spare time.

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Imran Ashraf

Bio: With close to two decades of experience within the financial advisory sector, I bring a rich tapestry of expertise to Funding Nav. Throughout my career, I've served as a trusted advisor, offering bespoke and holistic financial guidance to a diverse clientele, encompassing both personal and business sectors. My advisory spectrum spans from mortgage and investment advice to pension planning and protection strategies, coupled with meticulous cash flow analysis that forms the cornerstone of my practice. This breadth of experience has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of financial dynamics and a keen insight into the intricacies of client needs, paving the way for a seamless transition into the role of a Partner with Funding Nav.

What sets me apart is not just my professional acumen, but also my deep-rooted commitment to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each client. I take a holistic approach to financial management, meticulously analysing market trends, assessing risk factors, and exploring innovative funding avenues to tailor solutions that align with my clients' goals. My passion for empowering businesses to thrive extends beyond the boardroom, reflecting my personal ethos of excellence and integrity in everything I do.

Outside of the financial realm, I'm an avid traveler who finds inspiration in exploring new cultures and cuisines. My love for adventure is complemented by my dedication to fitness and wellness, often found hitting my home gym or embarking on outdoor excursions with my family. These personal interests not only keep me grounded but also fuel my creativity and resilience in tackling complex financial challenges.

I believe in the power of forging genuine connections and leveraging diverse experiences to unlock opportunities and drive meaningful change in the businesses I serve.

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